Gärde & Partners

Gärde & Partners is a versatile lawfirm that specializes in Swedish and International business law. Our experienced and committed lawyers are competent and creative and always work close with our clients to offer an engaged and a trusting legal support. We are a team of multilingual, qualified and international lawyers. Our goal is perfection; our motto is integrity, quality and hard work. The firm specializes in Swedish and International business law with special focus on Scandinavia, Baltic region, England, USA and Germany. Together our attorneys have a large knowledge and competence with special expertise in some of the most important legal areas. Gärde & Partners also offers private legal counselling with general legal questions such as criminal law, real-estate questions, contract law and claims. 

Many languages

Swedish, English, Finish and German are fluently spoken at the firm, we also have a good knowledge in French. We work in a very flexible organizational structure, to meat the demands of every client today and tomorrow, to solve the most complex and extensive legal questions, as much for our privet clients as our business clients. Gärde & Partners was founded in 1997 under the name Gärde & Nordlin. The firm changed in 2009 to Gärde & Partners and is today operated and owned by Bengt Gärde och Lasse Höijer. For the moment we have 11 employees with our main office located in Stockholm, however we also have several international collaborators with offices abroad.

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